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Issue # 19

    June 13, 2017

The LSF is looking forward to continuing the fun that We inaugurated last year by planning another full week of after hours fun !!!!!Remember No entry fees. You don't have to be entered in the Nats to join the fun. 

Monday 7-24 after RES Pete Goldsmith will host the 2nd Annual Whipit Handlaunch Contest. 
Tuesday 7-25 after RES Larry Jolly will host a SAM Rules Old Timer Glider Contest. I will set up a link but basically any glider designed prior to 1951 free flight or RC. Object is 3 10 minute flights, landing in the Boundaries of Indiana. Open flight order, unlimited attempts, 2 hour window. Trophies through 3rd. BBQ dinner will be served at the conclusion of Old Timer Glider. Jim McCarthy is in charge and Johnny Diniz is coming back to cook the meat!! More info coming I am sure Jim will ask for an idea on the head count. 
Wednesday July 26 Pete Goldsmith is bringing back the Funfly Aerotow. This well received last year and was great fun. Halfway through We will get a head count and Jim McCarthy will bring back LSF Pizza Night. Bring your own Beer and Extra Stella will be appreciated by the LSF Board. 
Thursday July 27 after Unlimited Larry Jolly will host the First National F3-RES Competition. I will post the latest Rules. We will allow 4- member Teams and will have Special commerative trophies through 5th. I am asking for pre registration sign up so that We can hit the ground running. 
Friday July 28 following ALES Larry Jolly will host a SAM. Old Timer ALES event. Trophies through 3rd. We will use a 200 m motor limit and 8 minute max. Any Freeflight designed prior to 1951. Any questions please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We hope that you will choose to come participate with us and enjoy the fun. Tell a friend!
Larry Jolly




Call the AMA to register by July 8 or mail in the printed entry form.  Here's a link to the pdf version:








You can call the AMA and pay for the NATS by Credit Card. No need to mail it in. Specifically, call 800-435-9262 and either Yolanda Jones at ext. 261 or Colleen Pierce at ext. 252 will be happy to help you. 
   Thursday &Friday,July20-21

  LSF Tasks at Monroe Unified Schools     $10/day  2.4 GHzONLY  OnFieldPaymentOnly


EVENTS Located at the AMA International Aeromodeling Center, Muncie, Indiana:

Saturday &Sunday,July22-23

  441 HL Thermal Soaring                          $30  2.4 GHz ONLY

  442 Thermal SoaringTwoMeter                 $30  2.4 GHz ONLY


Monday& Tuesday,July24-25

  460 RES Sailplane                                  $20  2.4 GHz ONLY

  461 Nostalgia Thermal (NOS)                  $20 2.4 GHz ONLY


Wednesday –Thursday,July26-27

  444 Thermal SoaringUnlimited                $30  2.4 GHzONLY 



  631 Altitude ElecSoaring (ALES)             $30  2.4 GHzONLY

  456 F3JThermal Soaring                        $30  2.4 GHzONLY


Larry Jolly, President
Peter Goldsmith, Vice President
Jim McCarthy, Treasurer
Skye Malcolm, Secretary


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