2016 World Soaring Masters

2016 World Soaring Masters

The LSF will once again partner with Horizon Hobby to bring the World Soaring Masters event to the Muncie IAC on September 16-18, 2016.

The WSM website ( http://www.worldsoaringmasters.com/ ) will be updated in the coming weeks with more information such as 2016 rules, entry window dates, fees and much more. Pertinent information will be posted here on RCGroups as well.

Please note, only 2.4GHz radios will be accepted for entry. There will be no "partnering" nor "team protection" within the flight group matrix.


NEW:  On Thursday, Sept 15, 2016 a Nostalgia-like contest with the following rules will be hosted by the LSF and Horizon:


When:  Sept 15 (Thursday)

Where:  Muncie AMA Flying site (site 5 I believe)

What:  A Nostalgia-like even with a modification that models can be pre 1985 vs pre 1980 which is the strict Nostalgia rules

How to sign up:  Use the masters sign up but the, cost is $20 

Rules and Trophies:


1. Pre 1985

2. Normal Winch launch.

3. In out landing tape.

4. 1 drop round

6. Rounds.


Trophies down to 5th.


Just print out the soaring masters form:  http://worldsoaringmasters.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/2016-WSM-Entry-Form.pdf

If you're only flying the NOS-like event on Thursday then send in a check for $20 along with this form (instead of the $100 for the masters) and the deadline has been extended beyond August 15 for both the nostalgia event and the main event. For Nostalgia There is a prize for the best model which includes a gift from Horizon and a trophy.


If you do want to fly the Masters then the NOS event is included in your $100 fee.  Remember, the Masters is a cash prize event, those at the top share win increasing cash prizes.