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Issue # 13

    April 3, 2016


In the past few years a new contest format has arisen that has allowed winch launched and motor in the nose launched planes to compete on a level playing field, at least in the eyes of contest organizers and competitors.  That format is called Mixed Launch Thermal Duration.

As Mixed Launch TD has grown in popularity, those enjoying the format brought it to the attention of the LSF board.  The President of the LSF, Larry Jolly, asked a council of V's to study this proposal and advise us regarding the merits of the proposal.  A detailed set of recommendations regarding contest format rules was put forward for a vote by the board for inclusion as an allowable contest format for the traditional Soaring Accomplishments Program.  This vote took place on March 30, 2016 and result was unanimous approval by the Board of the LSF that contest results in Mixed Launch TD formats are acceptable for SAP and eSAP.

Mixed Launch Thermal Duration Requirements for SAP or eSAP Acceptance                  

The LSF will recognize Mixed Launch TD contests for consideration for SAP or eSAP requirements based on the following.  

1. The Aspirant must complete all rounds with a fully compliant winch launched Sailplane that meets all SAP requirements (or a fully compliant electric launched sailplane for the eSAP).

2.  The contest must meet the requirements for an Extended Thermal Duration contest as outlined in the SAP.

3. The scored gliding portion of the flight commences at the conclusion of any launch method employed. Meaning that electric launched models will not have their motor runs count as part of the scored flight. ALES type contests where the clock is started with the plane leaving the hand will not qualify.

4.  All contestants must fly the same tasks. Winch and Electric launched gliders will have the same target time and landing task in each round.  

5. To the best of his ability the Contest Director will ensure that launch heights are as equal as possible. Launching will be in the direction of the turnarounds. The object is that at the conclusion of launch, all gliders are in the same part of the sky, at the same altitude.  Under No circumstance is launching to become part of the contest strategy.  

6.  The Competitors final placing will be based solely on the combination of his duration and landing scores normalized with his fellow competitors.

7.  The contest will be listed as a Mixed Launch TD contest on the Aspirant's voucher.


Larry Jolly, President
Peter Goldsmith, Vice President
Jim McCarthy, Treasurer
Skye Malcolm, Secretary


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