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Issue # 15

    July 20, 2016



2016 AMA/LSF Soaring Nationals.

Thusday & Friday July 21-22 is Cross Country and LSF Task work east of Muncie at the unified school property.  Tom Broeski, Walter Adasczik and David Beach are planning to be there.  This is some of the most fun you can have soaring!  See this RCGroups thread:

Friday is a warm up contest before the Sat/Sun, July 23/24 F3K or Two Meter (you may only fly one of these)

Monday & Tuesday, July 25-26 is RES Sailplane and/or Nostalgia Thermal (NOS)    (you may fly one or both of these)

Wednesday – Thursday, July 27-28 is Thermal Soaring Unlimited

Friday & Saturday July 29-30 is F3J or Altitude Elec Soaring (ALES) (you may only fly one of these)

 Social activities:


Monday July 25th. E-Flite Whipit Event


Horizon Hobby has graciously supplied us with whippet’s so we can have some fun. Depending on the interest we will fly between 4-6 rounds groups with 4-6 in each group, taking the winners of each group for the finals,  the winner of each flight group will keep his whipit. The famous Gavin Trussel will be your CD for this event. Please see him during Monday to get signed up for the event. All you need to bring yourself and lots of laughs, will be a lot of fun.


Tuesday Night July 26.  BBQ Dinner


The famous Johhy D and his super smoked BBQ style has offered graciously to cook for us Tuesday night. If you have ever experience JD’s cooking its awesome, not to be missed. We will gather at the primitive camping area around 6 PM, please let us know you're attending so we can plan appropriately for the amount of people. Will be a fun night and your opportunity to hang out with friends and also spend some time sharing your ideas with the new LSF board. The best news? It is a free dinner!


Wednesday July 27. Aero tow evening:


Wednesday evening we plan to do an aero tow clinic. If you’re interested in trying Aerotow  this is your chance. Weather permitting we hope to get started around 5;30 . We will have buddy box and several aircraft for you to try. Also if you have a scale sailplane, bring it along and join in the fun. 


Bring the family: 


AS mentioned in our previous bulletin, the number one disappointment we have heard is the importance of including the family at the NATS,  especially being able to have kids involved. It’s a week-long event so having the family involved makes it more fun for everybody. We need the kids to help out with the winches, wives/girlfriends can be timers and so on, get your family involved, they will love it. If you are planning on attending with your kids please let us know so we can find them a fun job to do.


Administrative Staff:


These are your go to people during the week. We have chosen them based on their experience , fairness, honesty, willingness, and bias to action. We feel it’s a great team and have great confidence in their ability at their chosen responsibility during the NATS. If you get the chance please thank all the NATS staff for their efforts, they unselfishly give their time so we can have a great week.


Event Director. Larry Jolly:    <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>


Contest Directors


Flight Line Directors


Score Keepers 


  • ALES Scoring Admin – David Beach
  • 2 Meter Scoring Assistant  - Todd Anderson
  • 2 meter, Unlimited, RES and NOS Scoring Admin - Robin Meeks
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