The League of Silent Flight was established by a group of RC sailplane modelers in 1969 to provide a collective identification for radio control sailplane enthusiasts. The LSF, as it is now known throughout the world, quickly became very popular and has since grown to a membership of over 7,500 modelers. The non-profit LSF fosters and supports all phases of both sporting and competition activity for model sailplanes and encourages the advancement of model aeronautics and related aspects of RC soaring.

The best known aspect of the LSF is the Soaring Accomplishment Program. This system recognizes individual proficiency and accomplishment in RC soaring through a set of successively harder tasks that measure the sailplane pilot's skills and knowledge of soaring. The modeler has an opportunity to achieve these specific tasks with a sailplane of his or her choice. These tasks are designed to challenge and entertain, while allowing the pilot to measure and improve his flying skills and understanding of model soaring against a proven set of standards. The Soaring Accomplishment Program is organized into five Levels of achievement, starting with Level I, the simplest, and progressing through Level V, which demands truly exceptional performance. These levels are arranged so that the beginning flyer can pace himself and gain confidence and skill, knowing that his efforts are being measured against the same criteria that other LSF members have already been measured by. As the flyer completes his Level 1 voucher and submits it to the LSF, he is issued a new voucher for Level 2 and so on up through Level V. There is no time limit or pressure for completion of any task or level. Accomplishment of individual tasks may take only a few weeks or completion of levels may extend over several years, depending on the individual's own interest and activity. Once a voucher is completed and all the tasks on it are approved by the LSF, it becomes a permanent part of the member's record in the LSF computer database and the tasks need not be repeated.

The LSF also sponsors the Soaring National Championships each year at the AMA flying site in Muncie, Indiana and periodically supports other regional contests throughout the country. As you fly in the various contests all over the US, you will meet, compete against and learn from other LSF members who have enjoyed the spirit of comradeship that the LSF has fostered through the years. You will be proud to earn and display the brightly colored LSF logo on your jacket and on the wings of your sailplane. It is the sign that you are a truly accomplished RC sailplane pilot. And you can aspire to reach that pinnacle of accomplishment , Level V, and qualify to display the silver V above the LSF logo on the wing of your sailplane. Membership does not require dues or fees, merely a $ 2.00 "Donation" to offset printing and mailing costs each time member corresponds with the LSF. Membership in the LSF is gained by written application to the LSF Executive Board and is open to anyone who has an interest in RC soaring. LSF has over 7500 members living in thirty foreign countries, some of which have their own National Chapters serving their countrymen locally. The only requirement is that the member, in any country, must hold a valid FAI modeling license. In the USA, that is an AMA membership number. The LSF is a fully volunteer program with an Executive Committee of four elected officials who serve two-year terms. Some foreign countries also require a valid radio operator's license

The LSF is now the SIG to the AMA for Soaring

Applications may be printed from this site, and emailed to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.