Alabama Rob Glover
Alaska Pat Martin
California Merrill Brady
  Phil Lutz
  Bruce Allport

Larry Taylor


Ray Pili

Colorado Dr. Dan Williams
Delaware Bill Groft
Florida Jim MacLean
  Joe Foster
  Raed Elazzawi
Hawaii Joe Nave
Illinois Ron Kukral
Iowa Frank Baldwin
Kentucky David Smith
  Ed Wilson
Minnesota  Augie McKibben
  Wayne Norrie
Missouri Mark MIller
Montana Jim Crook
Nevada Ray Di Noble
New Hampshire David Beach
New Jersey Bob Crane
North Carolina Dick Proseus
Ohio Jim Carlton


Joseph Hochadel
  Skye Malcolm

Kevin O’Dell

Pennsylvania Bob Gumbert
  Denny Maize
  Reese Brock
Tennessee Herb Rindfleisch
Texas Dan Ahearn
  Steve Pepper
Utah Allan McKay
Virginia Percy Pierce
  Duane Beck
Washington Doug Russell
  Loren Steel
Wisconsin Steve Meyer
Wyoming Porter Dalton
International Coordinator
Australia Simon Morris
Canada Adam Maas
New Zealand David Griffin

Lennart Anderson


Rob GloverHuntsville, AL

North Alabama Silent Flyers

Rob Glover

Huntsville AL,


has shirt, likely needs shoes!!!





Pat MartinWasilla, Alaska

Pat Martin

LSF #3351 Level I

Pat got the flying bug at a very early age by riding around in his Dad’s Super Cub at the age of four before graduating to U-control models. For the past 37 years he has held his Commercial Bush-pilot Flight instructor position in Alaska. Pat says, “I fell in love with flying RC soaring models the day I rolled into my first thermal and it just kept climbing and climbing…”. He built a Sailair in 1978 and winch from spare parts while at Homestead, Alaska. He is active in local club contests and currently has an AVA, Super AVA, Supra, Blaster Photon II and Organic 2.5 SE in his hanger. Pat will work to promote the LSF cause in his local club and hope to make it to the LSF NATS someday.






Merrill BradyDowney, California


Merrill Brady

Merrill has been promoting the LSF, for years, more data to come.

Address: P.O. Box 39098, Downey CA 90239
Phone: (562)-927-2583












El Segundo, CA

Phil LutzEl Dorado Silent Fliers

Phil Lutz

1729 E Pine Ave #4
El Segundo, CA 90245-4456
(310) 640-9927

Phil Lutz has been flying RC aircraft for about five years, starting with glow powered planes before transitioning to slope soaring and now thermal duration TD.

His current hanger contains a 3 meter Topaz, 3.35 meter Moebius (see photo) and XP 4.5; 2 meter Allegro-Lite and a 3 meter EZ Bubble Dancer will soon joint his fleet.

Phil has been a member of the El Dorado Club for the past three years and looks forward to expanding and promoting LSF in the Southern California area. He has completed LSF Level III and looks forward to completing Level IV in the very near future.

Lutz is married with a 19 year old son (Richard). Phil holds the position of Vice President of Technology for a Financial Services Firm located in Los Angles with HQ in New York.

Rev. 5/4/06









North Hollywood, California

Bruce AllportSan Fernando Valley Silent Fliers (SFVSF)
Bruce Allport

LSF #7687

Radio control flight has fascinated me for as long as I can remember, and after enjoying control line and free flight, I was finally able to try R/C power in the late fifties with a little success. Inactive till the mid seventies, a friend gave me a foam fuselage, built-up wing Schleicher K-10 kit he had given up on. When the instructor looped it off the top of the first high-start launch I was hooked. It was kind of heavy and fast for a trainer, but I slowly learned between crashes. Then came two children to absorb all my free time.

I built a Paragon about 1979 but still had very little time to fly until the turn of the century (2000) when I began to get out to the field more regularly. Only then did that Paragon and I approach anything resembling competent flight, proudly achieving LSF Level II. Then my beautiful new AVA arrived, carrying me to Level III and hopefully beyond.

The idea of the five soaring achievement milestones promoted by LSF, where pilots compete with themselves for advancement, has great appeal. Everyone can win and grow at their own pace, and progress begins with the very first task!

As I continue to strive for my own advancement, I hope to encourage new aspirants to begin their growth in LSF and encourage long time soaring members whose flying skills may have plateaued, to begin to grow again.

Name of your local soaring club: San Fernando Valley Silent Flyers,

Favorite aspect of soaring: Building, Flying, TD, Competition

What major soaring events have you attended: Visalia

Favorite sailplanes: Paragon, AVA

Family Information: Married 39 years, two kids 28 & 24.

Occupation: Architect with WET Design, the world’s premiere fountain designers

Address: 6103 Ensign Ave. North Hollywood, CA 91606

Phone: (D)818.769.6200 x354 (E)818.769.5771



Visalia, California

Larry TaylorCVRC Soaring

Larry Taylor

Personal data












San Diego, CA

Torrey Pines Gulls

Ray Pili

TPG Slope Coordinator/Safety Officer

Sloping since 2006/Bumping into Thermals since 2015

LSF 8304


760-889-3644 (VM/Text)


San Diego is a wonderful location for an Aspirant to achieve their LSF Goals.  The Gulls have two thermal fields; Encinitas has the club winches (25 miles north of SAN), and Poway where the world famous International Hand Launch Glider Contest is held (25 miles east of SAN), and for the Slope enthusiast, Torrey Pines Gliderport.  Goal and Return tasks can be completed at the deserts to the east.  


The club offers yearly TD and DLG contest series.  These monthly contests makes it easy to participate in competition with the best RC Pilots in the Country.  Bimonthly LSF Attempt days and Gliderport Fun Flys are designed to provide a safe, supportive, and low pressure environment to accomplish LSF tasks. (



Dr. Danny C. Williams Broomfield, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Soaring Association

Dr. Danny C. Williams


15880 Kingswood Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80921

(H) 303-903-2291

Dr. Dan Williams started his love affair with soaring with a Thermic C in a land far, far away (1962) in a place called Azusa, CA. (That first Thermic C sailplane still hangs in his workshop). He started regularly flying R/C gliders In Southern California in 1977 and was exposed to full-scale soaring and his first ride back in 1968 (Crystal Air Glider Port).

Dr. Dan primarily flew slope until he was introduced to the LSF program. He started to do a little TD with the Silent Wings Association in Southern California and was actively working on his LSF tasks. He finished LSF Level II and almost finished Level III before taking a 9 year break in 1981 to attend Chiropractic College. He resumed flying again in 2000.

Dr. Dan is now very active in TD competition, and flying just about anything he can get his hands on. He enjoys the building process, flying TD, soaring competition, slope, scale, aero tow, HLG, park flyers, IMMAC, pattern, pylon and helicopters! What’s left?!?

He was President for three years with the Rocky Mountain Soaring Association, a current member of the Pikes Peak Soaring Society and also the Silent Wing Soaring Society in California.

Dr. Dan says, “I really enjoy helping people get into the LSF while working on my own LSF tasks.”

Name of your local soaring club?

What major soaring events do you attend when able?

NATS, Visalia, SW Classic and Polecat Challenge. I also want to get back and fly some OVSS events, and then head the other way and fly some SC2 events also.

Name a couple of your favorite sailplanes:

The ICON, Ah the ICON, Then again there is the ICON, and finally my favorite is the ICON.


Rev: 4/1/06



Newark, Delaware

Silent Knights Soaring Society

Bill Groft

Personal Data.

119B Sandy Drive Newark, DE 19713



Melborne, Florida

Jim MacLeanIndian River Kontrol Society (IRKS)

Jim MacLean

The IRKS were founded in 1969 and have been in continuous operation ever since. It is mainly a power club but a number of us have been fanning the coals of sailplane flying and our club events usually draw about 25 to fly. We own a winch and retriever which I usually care for. Club membership is nearly 300.

I learned to fly radio control back in the days of escapements and B batteries (1959). Lots of lawns got mowed to buy equipment especially my first transistor receiver! That was a great day when the weight of batteries took a big drop. College interrupted flying for a while and, when I returned, proportional control had arrived! I flew pattern and sport for five years until full-scale became affordable. Flying lasted until wife, house, kids took over and I was grounded. In 1990 I was reintroduced to model flying and have been very active since. Pattern, sport, combat etc. kept me interested until some friends showed me the ropes with a sailplane and I got my first max in a contest. Now I fly mostly sailplanes and try to promote the same love of silent flight to any friend who shows interest. I have met many kind, helpful and very skillful people flying sailplanes and had a lot of fun at the various central Florida contests. I have almost completed Level 4. If you are close to Melbourne FL, let's chase some thermals together.

Personal Data.

James R. MacLean
2112 Parsons Ave. Melbourne, FL 32901
Phone: 321 727 3646

Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Joe FosterElgin AeroModellers

Joe Foster

Like many of us, Joe got his start in this hobby by building models airplanes as a kid. Joe remembers the fun of chewing Ambroid glue from his finger while wasting time in school wishing he was flying. He has built a number of kits including the perennial favorites as the Sig Riser 2M w/spoilers and a modified Gentle Lady w/spoilers which he calls his Spoiled Lady.

Joe flies in Northwest Florida (NWF) , home to many really great soaring fields and has agreed to be a LSF coordinator for a small but active group of soaring enthusiasts from several NWF clubs. Some of the fields are large enough to pursue Level III/IV goal and return task on the field.

Visitors to the area are invited to contact Joe for assistance in finding places to fly and scheduled contests and events.

LSF #7980





Orlando, FL

Raed Elazzawi

A short bio and picture are coming soon. In the mean time reach out to raed here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





Mr. Joe Nave

Joe NaveMid Pacific Soaring Society (MPSS)

LSF Level V

(H) 808-394-6387

7192 Kalanianaole Hwy, STE A143A, PMB 155, Honolulu, HI 96825 



 As small business owner, Joe is usually busy working as a computer network engineer for NetMeister, Inc., the company he co-founded. However, in his spare time he enjoys working on home maintenance and improvement projects, but every weekend without fail, he can be found on the flying field. Joe’s passion for model airplanes began at an early age. When he was 15, he purchased his first RC electric sailplane and has never looked back. Throughout the years, Joe has piloted both electric sailplanes and non-electric RC gliders. He especially enjoys competing in sailplane duration competitions and helping fellow pilots with their models when he can. He and his family currently find themselves lucky to live in Honolulu, Hawaii. Joe is the League of Silent Flight (LSF) coordinator for Hawaii, president of the Mid Pacific Soaring Society ( and maintains a free website as a service to the RC soaring community - You may reach Joe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or can stop by on Sunday mornings at the model airplane field on Kapa'a Quarry Road in Kailua (Honolulu).













Chicago Land, IL


R. KukralSilent Order of Aeromodeling by Radio ( SOAR )

Ron Kukral

I started flying gliders 20 + years ago. I always enjoyed the soaring birds, and gliders looked like a fun way to get in the air cheaply (A Gentle Lady was less than $20 then). Living in Madison, IN. at the time, with no clubs around, I taught my self how to fly. The guys in SOAR will attest to the fact that I had a fool for a teacher and should have flunked out of flight school. In the early days I was a victim of the 1 in 10 rule. For every one minute in the air I spent 10 minutes repairing. I can still remember my first thermal. My Dad and I were out flying on a Sunday morning. I kept circling and circling, not losing any altitude as I was prone to do. I looked at my Dad and said "Something's wrong, the plane won't come down, what do I do?"

My soaring ability and enjoyment really took off (sorry for the pun) when I moved to the Chicago area. I met Dan Pruss at the Toledo Show, and he put me in touch with the guys in SOAR.

SOAR uses three different fields for fun flying, with our central field used for contests. On any given weekend you can always find someone flying at one of the fields. Whenever two SOAR members start flying at the same time, there is an impromptu contest: all up last down, F3J with winches, landing for dollars, you name it.

SOAR is a competitive club, and the challenge is to keep up with the pack or get left on the ground, so to speak. The help and encouragement of the club (and fear of getting left behind) has really improved my skill. I am working on my LSF Level IV, needing only my goal and return to be able to send the voucher in. Being part of SOAR and the LSF has increased my enjoyment of the hobby along with my skill level. Besides, the LSF bunch, and SOAR are a great group of friends and fun to be around.

Address: 524 Wellington Ct, New Lenox, IL 60451



Frank BaldwinAmes, IA

Eastern Iowa Soaring Society

Frank Baldwin

506 NE 6th Street Ankeny, IA 50021


Frank holding plane











David SmithLexington, KY

Bluegrass Soaring Society

David Smith

1998 Spirit of Soaring

Phone: 859-879-2147








Louisville, KY

Ed WilsonLouisville Area Soaring Society

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2002-2004 LSF Vice President;

Contest Director Louisville "Mid South";

Keeper of the "LSF Stuff"

Address: 5308 Sprucewood Dr; Louisville, KY 40291
















McKibbenElk River, MN

Minnesota RC Soaring Society

Augie McKibben

I’ve been building models and flying some on and off for most of my life. I left the sport of RC soaring for about fifteen years only to come back to it in 2001. I’ve tried power, helicopters, cars and boats, all of which are interesting, but I have found that I really only love RC soaring.

I’m currently working on my LSF Level IV tasks and contest requirements and hope to have Level IV completed by the end of the 2006 flying season.

A couple of seasons ago I built a Harley Michaelis’ Genie. I love this glider! While I really enjoy building, I wanted to get into full house gliders. Harley’s design allows me to do both. I am now building a Genie Pro which should be ready to fly this spring.

I’ve been past President of the Minnesota RC Soaring Society, AMA Contest CD and look forward to supporting the LSF program as a new Club Coordinator. The LSF/AMA NATS are something I really look forward to each July and definitely is the highlight of my summer activities!

Good lift!

Augie McKibben



Rochester, Mn


Wayne Norrie



I didn’t start flying RC sailplanes, or any anything for that matter, until I was into my 40’s. There is something special to me about sailplanes and I am drawn to them. Every flight presents its own unique set of challenges and opportunities but the pilot needs to be able to correctly read the signs in order to take advantage of them. Participating in the LSF program has given me goals to work towards and it has caused me to seek out other soaring pilots. I started the Rochester Soaring group so local area soaring pilots would have a place to fly with other. I want to promote LSF so that I, and my fellow pilots, can grow and continue to learn the art that is called soaring.

Wayne Norrie  LSF Level I


St. Louis InformationMississippi Valley Soaring Association

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LSF, Level III

Isthmus Models
1353 Richland Meadows Drive
Baldwin, MO 63021

314-540-2290 Cell/Isthmus Models

636-220-8373 Home

Mark Miller started flying control line as a 12 year old in the back yard and progressed through many models through the years but was most impressed by the Fox Buzzard 144 sailplane that his father built. Having seen the beauty and grace of sailplane he started flying RC Sailplanes in 1976 using a Mark's Models Wanderer. Since there were no clubs in the Northern New Jersey area at the time he was basically a lone pilot who taught himself to fly and repair broken planes.

Progressing through a Windward, Javelin, Bird of Time until he bought a Hobie Hawk which sealed his fate as a lover of sexy sailplane shapes. After taking some years off to raise a family consisting of daughter Rebecca and son Brendan he rediscovered sailplanes after moving to Minneapolis in 1996 and finding a flyer for MRCSS at a local hobby shop. He quickly found that passion he once had for the hobby and dove in head first. He spent a term as VP of MRCSS before moving to Madison, Wisconsin where he met his future wife Susan.

In 2000 he opened Isthmus Models to manufacture and sell high quality sailplane kits and accessories. In 2007 he and his family moved to Ballwin Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis where he became a member of MVSA and is currently equipment coordinator with that club.

Mark is currently a Level III LSF member and has been a consistent supporter of the LSF NATS and many local LSF functions. His journey through the LSF tasks has enhanced his enjoyment of the hobby and brought him closer to the other members of LSF. His son Brendan, who has just started to fly sailplanes, is currently working on his Level I tasks and has shown rapid progress with the skills needed to be a top notch pilot.


Jim CrookMissoula, MT

No Club

Jim Crook

Personal Page Personal Data.











Ray DiNobleLas Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Soaring Club

Ray DiNoble

Began soaring with the Greater Detroit Soaring & Hiking Society in the late 1970's. Completed LSF Level IV tasks in Michigan. Retired from Ford Motor Company (Engineering Manager) in 1997 and moved to Las Vegas Nevada. Joined the Las Vegas Soaring Club. Club membership 35 - 40 members. Accomplishments in Las Vegas: Two years as Newsletter editor, volunteered as LSF Club Coordinator (1998), Safety Officer and Flight Instructor. Contest travels include California and Arizona.

LSF 4096, Level IV

Phone: (702) 254-7911








Granite Glider Guiders

David BeachDavid Beach
LSF # 7900
Level IV

After a twenty-plus year hiatus, David returned to R/C sport flying in 1998. His interest in soaring intensified after joining the Granite Glider Guiders in 2004. He was able to see first-hand what thermal duration soaring was all about. David was hooked right away, and now enjoys both sport and contest soaring.

David attended his first soaring NATS in 2007 and achieved some notoriety by flying a Multiplex Easy Glider in the 2-meter competition. Neither the plane nor pilot was competitive, but everyone enjoyed David’s efforts.

At home he has access to a great soaring site in southern New Hampshire where guests and visitors are welcome. Contact David to arrange for an opportunity to enjoy this beautiful flying site, as access to the field is gated.

David Beach
25 Simeon Wilson Road
Amherst, NY 03031
(603) 801-6951
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Bob CraneWayne, New Jersey

Sussex County Thermal Sniffers

Bob Crane

Bob Crane has been active in model aviation for over 50 years and has been flying sailplanes since 1970. His past favorite sailplane models include the Graupner Cirrus, Amigo, Craft-Air SD 100 and Mirage. His current favorites are the Super Ava, Bubble Dancer, 2M Allegro-E and Bass Flyer.

Bob began his LSF involvement back in 1970. He learned to fly as a member of the Tidewater Model Soaring Society in Norfolk, VA and currently belongs to the Sussex County Thermal Sniffers, a sailplane/electric club. Club members fly at a sod farms located in Pine Island, NY.

Bob says, “I am looking forward to working with my fellow club members to encourage and mentor them in the LSF program.”

LSF 186





Dick ProseusWilson, NC

Down East Soaring Society

Dick Proseus

I began flying R/C in 1960 and sailplanes about 1975. Most of my early soaring experiences took place with the Rocket City RC club in Huntsville, AL. They helped me hone my contest skills. Even after these many years I continue to learn and find new facets of the hobby to enjoy. It has given me may friends up and down the East coast. The achievement programs are a good way to give direction to one's soaring activities. I completed level V of the LSF program in 1993, the Diamond level of the Canadian Soaring Society program in 1997, and the Great Lakes HLG Wings program in 1997. My most recent activity has been in aerotowing. I am currently helping to build a tow plane so activity can occur more often in the Wilson, NC area.

Address: 905 Lakeside Drive, Wilson, NC 27896

Phone: 336-599-9266 (W) 252-291-8598 (H)









Jim Carlton

200 Granger Rd Unit 85

Medina, OH 44256


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Growing up in the airline industry, I have always been fascinated by flight! Ever since building my first stick and tissue model with my father as a youngster and seeing our hard work fly away, free flight, I knew aviation was in my blood.  I have been involved with R/C soaring since 1983, when I received my first radio as a gift. Shortly after I built a CG Gentle Lady and spent many hours hand throwing it in the park until I got up the nerve to find a local pilot to help me launch. My first Hi-Start launches were wonderful and hooked me deep into soaring! From the days of hooking a string to a Guillows 15 cent glider to today flying large X-Country ships, Thermal Duration winch, Hi-Start and electric assisted, F3K (DLG) to slope combat and PSS, anything soaring will get my attention.  Being a charter member of the Buckeye Soaring Society, current member of the North Coast Soaring Association as well as participant in many AMA/LSF NATS and as well as numerous local, regional and national contests, I heartily endorse the LSF program and SAP and will glad to be a contact for the Northeastern Ohio area.  Our area is very active in all areas of soaring, primarily slope, TD, DLG and electric launched thermal flying.


 Dayton, OH

Joseph A. HochadelDayton ARea Thermal Soarers (DARTS)

Joseph A. Hochade

LSF #7737

I've been flying RC for about 7 years and sailplanes for past 3 years. My primary interests are now thermal duration and slope soaring. I think that the LSF program is great and I encourage all that I meet to get involved.

4201 Sunbeam Ave.
Beavercreek, OH 45440

Phone: (937)431-0760






Mid Ohio

Mid Ohio Soaring Society (MOSS)

Skye Malcolm

 Skye has been gluing sticks into the form of a sailplane since he was a kid.  At the time he was not aware of clubs in his area so he tried to teach himself to fly (and crash).  It wasn't really until he joined a sailplane club as a "grown up" that his flying buddies could help him crack the code of how you get a pesky glider to stay up in the sky.

 If you meet Skye at the field you're equally likely to find him flying, scoring a contest, or helping a new flier with his plane as he attempts to share the "soaring bug" with others.  He's also been known to drive a few hours just to go slope soaring or attend a contest, so be careful because his soaring addiction might be contagious.


3846 Overdale Drive

Upper Arlington, OH 43220

Phone: 937.309.9869



Robert C. Gumbert (Bob)Murrysville, PA

Murrysville Area Soaring Society

Robert C. Gumbert (Bob)

LSF 6450

Address: 429 Valley View Drive, Monroeville, PA 15146-1207

Phone: (412) 372-0573







Landisburg, PA

Denny MaizeBAR/CSS (Broken Arrow R/C Soaring Squadron)

Denny Maize

- I'm President of the world famous BAR/CSS (Broken Arrow R/C Soaring Squadron) We are an AMA and ESL club and always have new guys who never quite seem to get around to sending for the paperwork, etc. Maybe if I can stick it in their hand it will get them moving. Owner of Polecat Areoworks, one super dude as well.

Address: RD #1 BOX 768., Landisburg, PA 17040

Phone: (717) 789-0146












Pittsburgh, PA

Reese BrockMars Club
Tri State Soaring
Steel City Soarers

Reece Brock

Here I sit at a contest in Cincinnati, as usual having a good time with good friends. Let me help you on your road to soaring. I live and work in the Pittsburgh area, and support a number of clubs in the local area.

Address: 903 Dale Road.
Bradfordwoods, PA 15015

Phone: (724) 935-3863









HerbTullahoma, TN

Coffee Airfoilers of Tullahoma

Herb Rindfleisch

LOVES Ice Cream !














Dan AhearnDallas, TX

Soaring League of North Texas

Dan Ahearn

LSF 7897

After a few brief trials with RC soaring over the years, a Christmas present brought me back into the hobby a few years ago. I spend a few months plowing aimlessly through the skies of North Texas and managed to hook a few thermals and have been hooked ever since. I'd never flown with anyone much less been to a contest, so after reading about all the activity on the Internet, I headed out to my first contest at SLNT.

It was a humbling experience when I showed up with my little Spirit Elite that Fall day, but I had a blast and the guys in the club, many of whom have over 30 years of experience, were very helpful. I soon found myself looking forward to our contest schedule and a year later my quiver includes the XP-4, Sapphire, Artemis and a newly ordered Ava.

New to LSF as well, I've found the program structure an excellent means to work on the fundamentals.

2704 Hillside Drive
Highland Village, TX 75077

Phone: 469.585.0686

Haskell, TX

Steve PepperTexas Chief's Model Airplane Club

Steve Pepper

LSF 7326

I am a member of the Texas Chief's Model Airplane Club of Haskell, Texas. I have been a modeler for about 10 years, beginning in my early 40's. Starting in RC power and evolving more and more into TD sailplanes.

I have completed Level 4 LSF. I have enjoyed traveling and meeting other modelers competeing in 2 NAT's, several trips to Dallas for the TNT, and one trip to Visalia.

Biggest complaint? "Business interfering with pleasure."

Box 241
Knox City, Texas 79529

Phone: 940-658-3458



 Leander, TX

Browne GoodwinSoaring Club: Austin Silent Flyers

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LSF Level II

I’ve been involved in R/C Soaring since the early 1990's, starting with the Soaring Union of Los Angeles and the Malibu R/C Soaring Society. I built and flew free flight gliders during high school and college in the 1950's, and came back to gliders a few years after my son was born.

During that time, I served as Contest Chairman of both California clubs, and in various other officers including President and Vice President. I was very active in all types of thermal contests in southern California, and was the founding Chairman of the Southern California Soaring Clubs Hand Launch Glider series.

I started with LSF in the 1990's, and completed my Level I in California. After moving to Texas in 2002, I got involved with a few soaring pilots in the Austin area, and assisted in organizing the Austin Silent Flyers club, serving as its first President. Since I was the only AMA CD in the club, I took over as Contest Chairman during the club's second year, and have remained in that position ever since.

While in Texas I flew in contests all over the state, as well as in Arizona, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, and Indiana (the NATS and the Masters of Soaring). I have helped organize an interclub series of contests among clubs from Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas, which is expected to continue.

6601 Acacia Dr.
Leander, TX 78641







Allan McKaySalt Lake City area, UT

Intermountain Silent Flyers

Allan McKay

LSF 3540

I have flown for over fifty-two years, my first good radio was a brick (Kraft). My first sailplane was an OLY II and I sold it after three years to move up to a Sailaire. I am now on my third and love this lazy plane. I also fly an Artimus an excellent open class ship that can help me achieve Level V.

I will promote the LSF program vigorously as this is the best way to get pilots over the fear of flying in competition and promote the sport of sailplaning.

4317 Bennion Rd
Taylorsville UT 84119

Phone: 801-968-1711


Percy PierceSuffolk,VA


Percy Pierce

Personal Data:

Address: 1828 Pitchkettle RD; Suffolk, VA 23434











Warrenton, VA

Capital Area Soaring Association (CASA)

Duane Beck















Doug RussellSpokane, Washington

Inland Empire Soaring Society (IESS)

Doug Russell

LSF# 7745, Level I

"I've been flying R/C for over 12 years. I started in gas, but now mostly gliders. I still own 1 gas (tow) plane. I got into slope gliders first about 3 years ago and got hooked. I now have several slope planes from foam to scale, HL gliders, and thermal duration ships. I did say HOOKED? The picture shows me just before tow in a Schweizer 262 in the Las Vegas desert."

Address: (NONE)

Phone: 534-2677

NOTE: Check this site out, they have a wonderful LSF page that should be a model for all clubs..GREAT WORK !!

LSF Info page
Member Standings Page Seattle, Washington



Seattle Area Soaring Society (SASS)

Loren SteelLoren Steel

LSF# 7804, Level I

"Although I am relatively new to R/C soaring, my heart has been in it since the day, as an eleven year old, I watched my all-balsa hand launch glider get lost behind the biggest thunderhead imaginable. In the 40-something years since then, various factors of life prevented my return to soaring… until I discovered the Seattle Area Soaring Society (SASS).

A number of SASS members have helped me enjoy R/C soaring much more than I would if I tried it on my own. In particular, I am grateful to have a mentor/coach who taught me to build and fly sailplanes and has become a very good friend. As a soaring neophyte it is clear to me that association with seasoned pilots is the only way to improve my skills as a pilot and as a builder. The LSF Soaring Accomplishments Program offers a well recognized structure for flying skills improvement and seems to be the right fit for people like me as well as the more seasoned pilots.

A bad day of flying is better than… almost anything else. Sharing it with others magnifies its enjoyment."

Address: 11804 NE 103rd Place, Kirkland, WA 98033

Phone: (425) 827-7583





Steve MeyerRacine, Wisconsin

SOAR, Chicago, IL

Steve Meyer

Level IV

Steve Meyer is a familiar face at the AMA/LSF Soaring Nationals each year and a welcome addition to the LSF program as a Club Coordinator.

Back in 1986 he built and flew a Wanderer 2M and attained LSF Level I with that model. In fact, Steve still has that model and flew it in the 2006 NATS but retired that model and is now on display in the rafters of his shop.

Other favorite models have been the Erasure X-Treme, Airtronics Legend, and a molded Emerald which he took top honors at the well known 2000 Mid South soaring competition and first in Hand Launch piloting a Logic. Steve also flew a SBXC to complete his LSF Level V cross country task at the 2006 NATS Cross Country event.

Steve is also a capable hand launch pilot and has owned and flown such models as Orbiter 2, Monarch D, Logic, X-Terminator and XP-3.

He has participated in every NATS since 1999 and was official LSF scorekeeper at NATS from 2001-2004. Currently he has officially completed LSF Level IV and working on Level V tasks. Steve needs only to complete his 8 hr slope and three contest wins to finish LSF Level V!

He has lived in Lake County Illinois for 44 years and now resides in Racine Wisconsin.




Porter DaltonCody, Wyoming

Big Horn Basin R/C Flyers

Porter Dalton

LSF #551 Level III

Porter Dalton has been flying sailplanes since the early 70’s and enjoys soaring with other club members from the Big Horn Basin R/C Flyers. Porter is currently LSF Level III with just a couple more tasks to complete before completing Level IV.

Porter likes to kit build during the cold, windy Wyoming winters and maintains a fleet of sailplanes which includes a Sagitta 900, Bird of Time, Mirage, 2M Sig Riser and a nice looking Astro Jeff (right).








Country Coordinators


David Griffin

Simon Morris LSF #2175, SAP Level 2

Flying Control Line since of 8 in 1966

Flying RC since my first pay check in 1974

43 Year member of Southern Soaring League in Adelaide, South Australia

Multiple various State F3B Champion over this period

1977/1978 F3B Nationals Champion with 72 competitors

1979 F3B World Championship Competitor, Amay, Belgium

2007 F3B Demonstration with Invited World Competitors, Kamisato, Japan

I have the sole, great privilege, to have attended every LSF Australia Tournament, since its inception in 1978

Last year, being the 40th Anniversary Tournament

I love Flying Large Scale Pylon, Golden Era Inline, with Zenoah 62cc and F1 with DLE 55cc

I am a good long term Friend of Australians Peter and Caroline Goldsmith!


Simon Morris





Adam Maas


Southern Ontario Glider Group Inc. (SOGGI)

Adam Maas, SAP Level 2, eSAP Level 1


Having grown up around the aviation business and being introduced to RC power flying as a child, I returned to the RC hobby in 2015 after discovering F3K on youtube, I immediately bought an E-Flite Whipit and then went looking for a soaring club to join. I’ve been soaring ever since and have achieved my LSF II in the SAP and LSF I in the eSAP since then and am actively working on further progress on the SAP and eSAP I am an active competition pilot, flying primarily TD and F3K, and sit on the RC Soaring Committee for MAAC and work actively to promote RC soaring throughout Canada through my work on the Soaring Committee and as a Deputy Zone Director for MAAC. I fly everything from woodies to moldies, am an active balsa builder and contest pilot. My friends at SOGGI and I hope to raise the profile of radio controlled soaring and the LSF in Canada. We invite you to visit our website for details of our activities. -


Adam Maas Deputy Zone Director – MAAC Zone L MAAC 91845 / LSF 8318




David Griffin

NZ Model Aeronautical Association

Aucklandsoar Club

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LSF member since 1992.  Level 2.
Soaring since 1974 and still loving it.  Represented nz at F3J worlds in 2012 and 2014, placing 6th in 2014.
Currently flying thermal duration off both winch and electric and scale via aerotow and electric.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.021 352595











RC Soaring - Sweden

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I am 54 years old and have been a model flyer almost all of my life. I am married and have two children, one girl and one boy and I work as an electrician in a mine in south Sweden.

In the beginning, I was about 10 years old, it was freeflight and control-line models. Around 1975 I started with RC-soaring and I have been flying sailplanes all the time since then. I think that some time around 1978-79 I came in contact with LSF and started to fly for level 1. I have LSF member number 3448 and I am almost ready with level 4.

Almost all of my time as a soaring pilot I have been at a lot of competitions, between 10-20 competitions per year. I have been Swedish Champion two times ( 1981 and 2003 ). I fly HLG, DLG, thermal soarers, F3J-soarers, F3F-models and Scale models. I am also active in the local Model club where I live.

In Sweden we started with RC-soaring around 1970 and the interest for it has been up and down. For the moment I think that it is on its way up again. There are many "Sunday flyers", but also a lot of competition flyers in F3B, F3J, F3K, and also Scale, both slope and aerotowing. I hope that I can get people interested in the LSF, I think that there is a interest to fly with a "goal".

Lennart Andersson

Hasthagevagen 6
Hammar Orebro Ian S-696 74

Telephone: 0046-583 770 625
Fax: 0046-583 770 007