Larry Jolly is First ESAP Level V

Larry Jolly, LSF # 3579, completed his 8 hour slope task on August 15, 2015 and become the first to attain Level V in the LSF ESAP.  Larry mentioned that he worked through Levels  I – III using a Radian but switched to higher performance models for Levels IV & V.  For his 8 hour slope attempt, he used the same model, an Electricus (but not the same sailplane) that he used for his LSF SAP Level V in 1983.

Launching 8 -15 -2015

Larry launches 8/15/2015


landing 8-15-2015

                                 Larry lands 8 hours later.

                        Larry (much younger) at 8 hour slope task finish on 11/16/1983

                   Congratulations, Larry!!