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TOPIC: The "Spirit" issue is an abuse of power.

The "Spirit" issue is an abuse of power. 9 years 4 months ago #832

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I interviewed Bob Steele at his home for RC Soaring Digest a lot of years ago. He explained that the reason for the task program wasn't about 'achievement' but rather it was designed as a pilot training program, a step by step build on each task way for rc sailplane enthusiasts to become rc soaring pilots.

He said the program guidelines were left vague because the founders didn't want rules used against aspirants.

The Bylaws were created to keep the Board in check so that they could not become the LSF Program Police.

The current board seems to believe that they know better than the active members. Their misguided use of the word Spirit has been used against active LSF5 leaders, implying that we are trying to cheat, called us dishonest and actually commended jealous rats who report what they think contest outside the rules. Squealers who hide behind anonymity to spread their poisons.

Rob sends condescending rejection letters to those of us actually trying to promote the hobby, again calling us cheats, short cutters, liars, and stupid. If anyone would like a copy of those letters I will be happy to send them. They are embarrassing to the current board.

Those of us actually active in participation and actively holding LSF events are disgusted and frustrated by the use of the word Spirit as justification by the Board to ignore the Bylaws.

The Board feels that it is not in the Spirit of the LSF program to allow multiple contests held on the same day and are denying forms. There is NOT a rule in the Bylaws stating multiple contests on the same day can't be used, but there is a ruling on the books clearly and specifically stating that you can get credit for more than one contest in a day.

If the Board feels it is their duty to protect something about the program, the path is clear, propose a rule to be added to the back of the form, call for a member vote and live with the result.

The recent actions of the board denying Dave Beach's ESL contests and my own are an embarrassment to the Board, and an apology should be made to Dave and the members of the ESL who they have stated "tried to short cut the system".

Like me, Dave read the Bylaws. Like us the organizers of the recent Southwest Classic read the Bylaws and published that there would be three opportunities for LSF contest points and wins, via the two one day TD events and an Overall Champion as was ruled specifically and concisely by a previous Board.

The current LSF Board is a hinderance to increase participation and frankly perpetuating the fact that only wealthy rc soaring pilots should be able to move through the program via attending multiple contests at the LSF2 Level. With so many of our members having lost jobs, and homes due to the economy the Board should be doing everything it can to make the lower levels of the program more accessible to members of limited incomes.

The Board's Spirit ruling is in favor of the rich, and the pathetic idea that LSF5 is some great achievement that much be protected from the masses. Their is not great honor in completing the program, each LSF5 was paid for his investment in time and money by his own efforts.... he got to do it. He got to do it with friends, that's payment enough.

Rob and Jim, and those mysterious "many members" who supposedly support your Spirit rule, got it wrong. I can prove it.
Propose an actual rule stating that multiple contests on one day (I know different classes can be held and counted, so don't bother pointing that out!). Call for a member vote. I know you won't because the "mysterious many members" won't be there.
Here's a list of LSF5's who disagree with your Spirit ruling same day contests.
Gordy Stahl
Larry Jolly
Tim McCann
Dave Beach
Tom Broeski
Gordon Buckland
That's 5 more LSF5's than is on the Board. Want more LSF5 names, I can produce more, simply by asking. Rob, name your many supporters, if they truly exist, why are they ashamed to step up?
Yup, I'm saying we don't believe you. Why? cuz you guys aren't following the rules and we are.
I submitted my LSF2 form twice, it was now returned twice with made up reasons for denial. Not a single reason justifiable by the rules of the program. I submitted my Level 2 form first in Nov, 2014, I received it back March 2015. That's 4 months of my life that have passed waiting for you to play your abuse of the LSF Bylaws Spirit game.

Propose a rule, call for a vote. In the mean time apologize to Dave, the ESL and the SWC, and approve my form per the Bylaws. We aren't hiding behind loopholes, you guys are applying rules that don't exist. ALL we are all asking is that you guys follow the Bylaws.
PS, you can delete this post but no worries, I have made copies.
I witnessed for three LSF5's you?
I recently witnessed for a new LSF2 one hour slope, you?
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